Pre-Sale Consultation

How you live in a property and how a property needs to look for sale are two very different things. 

Working with you on a room-by-room basis we offer a combination of helpful tips and suggestions that can add value to each and every room. Always mindful of the importance of cost saving; and many of our expert tips can be actioned with little or no cost apart from your own time and labour. 

As part of the pre-sale consultation, you receive a comprehensive, customised report that clearly outlines the recommended steps you can take to increase the value of your home.

It includes:

  • How to de-clutter and de-personalise your home
  • Optimal furniture placement
  • Attention to maintenance and repairs
  • Hot decorating tips
  • Ways to improve street appeal

And many other expert tips to increase the sale price of your home. 

No matter the size of your property or your financial situation, you'll gain massive benefit from our pre-sale consultation and we will always work within your budget.

Shelley blew it off the roof with the actual work on the house. She simply used my pre-existing furniture and accessories in different ways. Simple but sleek and beautiful! And I mean she modernised my home from the inside out with MINIMUM cost and in a way that I actually insisted on staying in this house! Unfortunately, we already were in the finalisation stage of buying the other one, so that’s a shame....Thanks so much Shelley!
— Cathy - Home owner/seller