+ What is property styling / home staging?

Property Styling, also known as Home staging is the act of preparing and styling your home for sale in the real estate market. The goal of Property Styling is to make your home more appealing to the highest number of potential buyers so that your house gets sold both quickly and for the best price.

A professionally styled property makes your home feel more inviting, creates an emotional response and leaves a lasting impression upon potential buyers. This is essential in making your property stand out from the rest, especially in a highly competitive real estate market. If your home looks and feels amazing, you're more likely to attract more buyers and consequently achieve a faster sale and a premium price.

+ Isn't property styling only for vacant or 'high end' properties?

Absolutely not! Every property deserves to be presented at its absolute best for sale and every seller deserves to maximise their sales price!

No matter what price range your property is sold for or what your budget is, Amari Property Styling has a service that caters to any selling situation, whether you currently live in your home or if it is vacant.

Professional property styling gives your home the competitive edge in today’s challenging real estate market!

+ Is property styling expensive?

The real question is can you really afford NOT to style your home? When compared to other costs associated with the sale of your home, the cost of having your property professionally styled are quite reasonable. And it is definitely more affordable than the first price reduction!

Property Styling should be viewed as an INVESTMENT in the sale of your home, the concept of investing money is that you will get a positive return. Statistics show staged homes sell from 7-17% higher than un-staged homes. This is a huge increase when you're talking in property dollars!

+ Can you use my existing furniture and accessories?

Absolutely! This is what we specialise in doing. We re-create your rooms in ways that you never thought possible!

Sometimes when you live in a home with all your belongings, it can be hard to imagine using them in new or different ways and often things are overlooked. This is where we come in with a fresh perspective to maximise flow through accessories and furniture placement.

Usually the way you set up your home to live in is very different to the way you would sell it. We may suggest replacing or adding some new items to work with what you already have, but only if absolutely necessary. We work within your budget and tailor a plan to suit your individual situation.

+ Is it ok to leave some rooms of my property empty when it goes on the market?

Perhaps you should ask yourself if you were a buyer, what would you think about a property with empty rooms?

Do you think a half empty home will look as appealing as a lovely furnished home where you stroll happily from room to room admiring the property without any negative thoughts.

Empty rooms can be confusing and off putting to buyers and can pose negative thoughts such as:

· What is this room meant to be for?

· Will my bed or furniture even fit in here?

· Are they in the middle of moving?

· Maybe they're desperate to sell?

The whole purpose of styling a property for sale is to make it look amazing and appealing to a broad range of buyers, which undoubtedly adds value to your property. Your property needs to be presented in a way that buyers can make an emotional connection and imagine themselves living there.

This is difficult to do if some rooms are left vacant and it may very well communicate to the buyer that the sellers have run out of money and are desperate to sell. In that case expect lower offers.

Leaving some rooms empty when professionally styling your property will not necessarily add any real value. Imagine painting half your property with a nice light, fresh coat of paint, but leaving the other half with the old, dated or dull colour. It would certainly not be very appealing.

So there is good reason as to why we do not recommend leaving any rooms empty, as we know a well presented and professionally styled property, without a doubt adds real value.

+ Can I just hire a couch / bed / dining table?

Unfortunately no. We are not a furniture hire company, we are a professional property styling business, who specialise in adding value to a property, assisting our clients to achieve a faster and more profitable sale.

However we do have a partial styling service where we can transform your property using your existing furnishings.

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